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Top 6 Websites to Find and Download Professional Graphic Design Elements

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

Top 6 Websites to Find and Download Professional Graphic Design Elements

As a creative, having access to the best high-quality graphic design elements is vital for helping elevate your brand and reach customers or clients with your messaging. The perfect vector graphic or design element can raise your content from bland to breathtaking. However, depending on your expertise and industry, you may find yourself lacking the ability to create your own graphics for projects or publications. Luckily, there are a variety of websites that feature libraries of content ready for you to use in no time.

From blogs to publications, locating quality graphic design elements can boost viewership and encourage conversion to products or services. Knowing where to find the best content can help you increase your efficiency and effectiveness across all parts of your branding and marketing.

Wondering where to begin finding high-quality, professional graphic designs? Here are today’s top 6 websites for finding graphic design elements that will help your content really pop.

As a leader in the freelance graphic design market, Creative Market markets their site as the premier place for graphic creators to showcase their work for potential buyers. Designers can create accounts on the Creative Market platform and promote their work for individuals to view and download. Utilized by over 7 millions users, Creative Market features graphic design, web templates, website themes, fonts, 3D vectors, and more.

Boasting a library of over 4.5 millions resources, Freepik is a search-engine for finding graphic design elements for use in print and digital resources. Founded in 2010, Freepik states that they have over 100 million downloads a month, and their graphic resources are accessed and used by leading companies such as Spotify, Amazon, Microsoft, and government agencies such as NASA. With free and paid options, you will find plenty of graphics, vectors, themes, and templates for your next project.

Depositphotos is another leading search engine site for locating high-quality designs on the web. With both paid and free access options, Depositphotos brings together some of the leading designs and stock photography on the internet from professional and amatuer designers. The Depositphotos library contains over 177 million files that are ready to be used in nearly any medium, and their creative resources have been accessed for campaigns by companies ranging from TripAdvisor to Subaru.

As one of the web’s few vector-only stock websites, VectorStock allows vector graphic creators to showcase their work online and reach clients needing high-quality visual elements. While the other sites on this list feature a variety of media styles and graphic types, Vectorstock specializes in only vector graphic elements for use in digital and print resources. This allows for quick and easy access to royalty-free vector elements without having to wade through unneeded resources. The Vectorstock elements are great for use in programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and more.

As one of the web’s longest-running graphic design stock sites, Dreamstime offers users access to a variety of stock images, vector graphics, and theme elements. Dreamstime recently celebrated their 20th year anniversary in the stock graphic business, showing that their resources continue to be used for a vast number of industries - even as creative design evolves. Not only does Dreamstime offer stock photography and graphics, but their growing library of 4K stock video footage helps creators bring their video content to life.

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A fast-rising star in the graphic design and digital resource market, Envato Elements features a vast library of elements and resources for use in nearly any medium. In particular, Envato Element’s ThemeForest offers an expansive library of Wordpress themes and website design tools that can help you quickly build and launch almost any website you need. Created and curated by the web’s most accomplished Wordpress site designers, you can start creating without the need for knowledge of coding, CSS, or HTML. ThemeForest features a full list of free and paid templates for you to peruse and try!

Limitless Resources For Your Next Project

The near-limitless supply of graphic design element websites can seem overwhelming, but you can quickly discover which sites fit your unique needs by getting to know each one. Each option listed above offers full libraries of rich content, and each has differing pricing and plans. Depending on your budget and marketing needs, you may find that one site works better than another. Take the time to research each available option to find the one that fits your unique project needs, and don’t be afraid to branch out into new graphic elements! You never know what stock element may bring that next needed pop to your content.

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